The Blog

Steadfast Soul is a blog about courage–the courage to overcome fear with faith. It focuses on staying strong during adversity, overcoming depression and anxiety, cultivating inner peace, and the bravery to pursue your purpose. 

The idea to start this blog was sparked by my work as a mentor for youth girls. It has been a great honor of mine to witness them transform into extraordinary young women who are successful, living lives with purpose, and steadfast in their relationship with Christ.

It is my hope that you’ll find insights here for creating a life that is empowered, by grace through faith. I hope that your heart will be comforted, your mind enlightened, and your spirit strengthened.

The Author

Hi, I’m A.M. and I’m grateful to you for being here. I’m wife to my high school sweetheart, mentor to some extraordinary young women, a devout Christian, passionate humanitarian and delegate to the United Nations.

I also write poetry (read some of my work here), dabble in graphic design (visit my Etsy shop), work full-time in Digital Education and volunteer for an NGO that is affiliated with the UN. 

My life is really busy and can get overwhelming at times, but thankfully I’m able to manage (by grace through faith.) 

In my blog posts I tell stories about my personal experiences: the hardships I’ve endured, the darkness I’ve faced, and my relationship with God, who healed me and transformed my life.

-A.M. Ramos 

I give praise to Him, who has called us out of darkness and into His wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9