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    The Benghazi bust: Trey Gowdy and his GOP colleagues embarrassed themselves


    Ferrell plays a hedge-fund zillionaire named James King, who has a giant house in Bel Air and a rich-bitch fiancée embodied by Alison Brie in some supposedly sexy underwear. All the actors in “Get Hard” are stuck with dreadful non-characters, but if you ask me, Brie’s paper-thin misogynist caricature is the most insidious and unexamined stereotype in the whole movie. As for Ferrell, he’s a powerful and instinctive actor who has great trouble faking enthusiasm, and his listless, dead-eyed performance as James is more than Method acting. James has been convicted on numerous counts of fraud and is being sent to San Quentin by a hard-ass judge eager to send a lesson. No, this isn’t remotely plausible – but it might be a good thing, right? I mean, setting aside the hilarious question of prison rape, which generates the ludicrous and increasingly unfunny plot of “Get Hard,” compelling white-collar offenders to serve time alongside other kinds of criminals could serve as an actual deterrent.

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    Oh no, but FREEDOM! How can this horrible suppression be happening in AMERICA? As Fox reports, “Their First Amendment rights were violated.”

    Llewyn Davis is ultimately no Dave Van Ronk—he’s not headed toward “Mayor of McDougal Street” status, mentoring Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and Joni Mitchell, beloved by all.? Bud Grossman’s delivers the implacable verdict on Llewyn Davis: “I don’t see a lot of money here.”

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    At around 8:30 p.m., Holder and his partner responded to reports of gunshots they believed were in connection to gang activity in East Harlem.

    Miranda Levy did what any other bride-to-be did and shared a picture of herself with her man – and her new engagement ring.

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    The district got its $50 million, though, and will get more in dribbles and drips. That will barely, not really, suffice for inadequate schooling this year. Next year, stay tuned for a repeat. Barring an unforeseen economic renaissance in the city or thorough overhaul of the state executive and legislative branches, the district is poised for year after year of one crisis after another.

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    Though the book is presented as a coherent whole, the four-chapter story of home-building gone awry is a book unto itself, different in tone and execution from the chapters on either side, which are expository and heavily footnoted. The first chapters are nominally related to house-building in that Proulx begins them by noting she lived in many houses as a child while her French-Canadian father chased the American dream. These genealogical chapters — like the chapter after the house-building section that recounts money-grubbing exploits of white settlers in Wyoming — are reminders that Proulx is a trained historian. Another explores evidence that Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Arapahoe and Ute tribes lived there. The last chapter, which moves back in time to the only winter she stayed at the house as builders arrived by snowmobile, records the lives of birds.

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    Doesn’t “Family Affair” have the first drum machine on a top-40 hit? Oh, but maybe no live drummer too. As I have argued in the past (see my book, “On Celestial Music”) the insistence on drum machines in black music is different from the use of drum machines in robotically inspired white dance music. I will concede that “Get Lucky” does fuse black music (Chic, in particular, but disco generally), with robot music, dehumanized white music that prizes its lack of humanism. But that doesn’t mean it’s good.

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    Stef Woods, a breast cancer survivor who, like Mapes, underwent a chemotherapy, radiation and a double mastectomy, called out the GOOP article for fear-mongering. “It wasn’t burying the lede, it was burying the facts. I think it was done in a way to instill fear and to get hits and to create a controversy, and it’s done that. But if the message is education, that’s not what’s happening here,” she said. Woods, who is an American University instructor?of American Studies, specializing in social media, sexuality, nonprofits, and activism, told Salon it’s vital to analyze any information presented about breast cancer critically. That means not simply accepting something as factual because the author has the title “Dr” before their name. Woods advises looking at authors of articles by asking “What’s their background? Are they affiliated with an integrated health center like the author of GOOP’s article or are they an MD affiliated with a breast care center or a cancer center or involved with cancer research?”

    Work that I and others have done on rodents over the past three decades has illuminated how the brain detects and responds to threats. ?In brief, when a threat is present, information about it is transmitted through the brain to the amygdala, a relatively ancient subcortical region that then initiates bodily reactions to cope with the situation. ?And research on humans has shown that the amygdala is activated by threats, even when the stimuli are presented subliminally. Human research has also shown that conscious experiences, whether emotionally charged or not, depend on other regions of the brain, notably more newly evolved neocortical regions such as the prefrontal cortex.

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    With “Let It Go” a rarity even in its own category, is there much of a point in keeping the category alive? Lopez, naturally, said yes. “There are so few musicals that come out these days. But a good musical and a good movie musical is the best thing in the world. It lifts everyone up and they can sing the song on the way to work. That’s why we’re in the business.”?

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    Experian loses data again, 15M T-Mobile customers in danger

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    7. “I’ve never met a less sentimental person than Nic. His worldview is brutal. The metaphysical is dismissed with a wave of the hand. People are driven by hunger and need. There’s only right here, right now. It’s unclear if this is how Nic experiences life or if it’s just how he writes television, or if there’s a difference.”

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    Officer Corey Papinsky was recently showing a group of Seattle police officers how to reduce the chance of using force against a citizen during a suddenly antagonistic encounter.

    On Sunday, Oct. 4, Bailey and his $900,000 Porsche 918 Spyder lost control during a demonstration run at the Malta motor show—held to raise funds for L-Istrina, a charity fund-raiser. The car crashed through a temporary barrier and into the crowd, injuring at least 26 people, along with Bailey himself. The British millionaire, who made his fortune in the telecommunication business, is thought to be the first person in the world to own all three hypercars. His white Porsche, now literally coated in blood, was the very one used to conduct the definitive showdown a few weeks earlier—sporting the license plate, “POR 918S.”

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    ??As women, we learn it??s never becoming to be confident about anything,?? parenting expert Deborah Gilboa, MD, tells Yahoo Parenting.

    Graham??s pointed remark resonates in a GOP primary race that has often seemed like a competition for who can take a tougher line on immigration. Donald Trump suggested that Mexico sends its ??criminals?? to the United States, Gov. Bobby Jindal intones that ??immigration without assimilation is invasion,?? and Santorum and Gov. Scott Walker have called for reducing legal immigration in addition to eliminating illegal immigration. This is likely to hurt the party in the general election, where they??ll need a sizable minority of Latino voters to win.

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    In celebration of Israel David’s two-month birthday, Jill, 24, Tweeted a link to the Dillard family website containing all-new photos of her growing baby boy.

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    After five seasons of writing together, what do you do to keep the writing (and your marriage) fresh?

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    David Beckham Makes Heartfelt and Emotional Plea at U.N. Headquarters: I Want a ‘World Where Every Child Has a Fair Chance’
    David Beckham was all smiles as he reunited with Malala Yousafzai in New York on Sunday.

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    Westwick said.


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    Last year, with Adele’s hit title song for “Skyfall” taking the prize, put those fears to rest, and this year has an equally big nominee: “Let It Go,” sung by Idina Menzel and the centerpiece of animated hit “Frozen,” which — unusually for a film in this category — plays a pivotal role in the plot. In an era when even animated films have moved away from on-screen music, “Frozen” is the sort of throwback musical this category once existed to honor.

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    The Californian tech giant has removed several apps from its App Store that install root certificates, which potentially allow hackers to view private user information.

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    4. “At Louisiana State, he found the canvas too confining. His best pictures were like stills from films that had never been made. He learned to write in order to finish the stories glimpsed in his art.”

    PEOPLE Desktop Edition issues are available beginning with the 09/03/12 issue.

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